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Labour Relations

Kim can be called upon to lead or assist in your labour relations activities. He can act as Spokesperson, coordinate strategy and advise on policy and procedure.

Kim Miller has managed labour strategy, contract negotiations and contract administration for almost his entire career. Prior to consulting, Kim negotiated collective agreements with three major Canadian employers.

First, with Alcan in Kitimat he was involved with three sets of bargaining with the Canadian Association of Smelter and Allied Workers (CASAW), now the Canadian Autoworkers. He was Negotiations Coordinator in 1983 and Company Spokesman in 1985. He also managed the administration of those collective agreements.

With Trimac Corporation in Calgary, as VP of Human Resources from 1987 to 2001 Kim was responsible labour strategy to support profitable growth and operational stability. He acted as Company Spokesman for the negotiation of collective agreements in approximately half of the Company’s 30 bargaining units in both Canada and the United States. Unions included the CAW, Teamsters, Operating Engineers (Local 115), TCU, CBRT&GW, Steelworkers, and Retail Wholesale Department Store Union. In this role, Kim also directed all contract administration and often acted as an advisor to customers on strategic labour matters.

With CanWest Global Communications in Winnipeg, as VP of Human Resources Kim had overall responsibility for labour matters. Due to the size of the organization (more than 100 collective agreements), he focused on policy and directed strategy for the major agreements, including editorial and press operations, and the full range of professional and craft unions.

In his consulting practice since 2003, Kim has completed many negotiations in British Columbia. He has negotiated in the hospitality, food processing, transportation, construction and manufacturing industries as well as the education sector. In addition, he has done background work in the health care and public sectors. He has experience with the Teamsters, Ironworkers, Steelworkers, CAW, Merchant Service Guild and the BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU). He has worked extensively in both federal and provincial jurisdictions.

In total, Kim has successfully completed some 400 collective agreement negotiation processes.

Kim is familiar with legislation, labour issues, collective agreement features, costing, grievance and arbitration process, and strategy. He works closely with and as management, ensuring that negotiations objectives are aligned with company objectives and met as much as possible, while being respectful of all parties. He consults with labour lawyers as required. His background in a BC union/blue collar family and experience across many jurisdictions in Canada and the US give him an expansive perspective. Kim now consults on labour matters as part of a broad human resources practice.